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No. 22 Adhesive Remover



Dissolves all types of adhesive joints and residues of floor covering (e.g. rigid foam and residual felt)

Additional information

Container Content

250 ml, 750 ml, 5 Ltr

Scope of application

Adhesive Remover dissolves all types of adhesive joints, such as all-pur-pose adhesive, foam adhesive, wood glue, dispersion adhesive, self-ad-hesive labels and adhesive residues of elastic fairing strips, etc. Residues of flooring material (e.g. rigid foam and residual felt) that remain usually when removing can be completely removed with this product. Residues of the covering and adhesive can be removed in a single process step. Due to the excellent dissolving properties, oil and grease can be removed from metal, wood, stone and glass.


High-boiling solvent = allows for long reaction times

Technical specifications

Make-up ratio: undiluted

Consumption: 80 – 100 ml/m²