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No. 03 Paint Stripper and Varnish Remover SE-2



For the easy removal of old paints, coatings and glazes

Additional information

Container Content

700 ml, 2,5 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Scope of application

Removal of old paints and coatings (synthetic resin varnish, oil-based paint, acrylic paint, 2-K water soluble materials, etc.) on solvent-resistant grounds, such as wood, plaster surfaces, metals, concrete, etc.

Also suitable for removing glazes (especially thin-film). Several old coats can be removed in a single working step.
Never cover the area with a foil during the reaction time.


Short reaction time
pasty, thus it can be also used without any problem on vertical surfaces;
no additional rinsing required
equally applicable to remove thin-film glazes
no covering required

Technical specifications

Make-up ratio: undiluted

Consumption: 350 – 450 ml/m²