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No. 15 Cement Film Remover and Descaling Agent



Highly effective acid cleaning concentrate for acid-resistant substrates.

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Container Content

1000 ml, 5 Ltr, 10 Ltr

Scope of application

For the easy cleaning and removal of lime and cement films, inorganic soiling and flash rust, also in connection with oily and greasy dirt. Ap-propriate for the cleaning of acid-resistant substrates, such as wall and floor tiles, clinker and brick areas, porcelain stoneware in sanitary fa-cilities, swimming pools, kitchens, car wash buildings, brick fronts. Be-fore using on bathroom fittings, always check for compatibility.


with excellent dirt-dissolving properties

Technical specifications

Make-up ratio: depending on the soiling 1:1 to 1:15

Consumption: 100 – 120 ml/m² prepared stock solution