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No. 30 Leach Agent liquid



Apply Leach Agent liquid to make all substrates clean, non-slip, matte and bearing for the new paint finish

Additional information

Container Content

1000 ml, 5 Ltr

Scope of application

For a thorough pretreatment of substrates of heavily soiled ceilings and walls by nicotine, grease and smoke.

Through saponification of the surfaces, all substrates (e.g. varnishes) become clean, non-slip, matte and bearing for the new paint finish.

Leach Agent liquid can also be used to remove wax from wall surfaces.


Degreasing, with a high saponification of the surfaces
also appropriate to remove wax
Leach Agent liquid can effortless reach into all grooves, joints and
ready to use mixture

Technical specifications

Make-up ratio: ready to use

Consumption: 1000 ml for 10 to 15 m²


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