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No. 05 Stain Remover for Emulsion Paint DIP



Highly effective for removing all (even completely dried) emulsion paint stains, disper-sion adhesives and adhesive residues of elastic fairing tapes

Additional information

Container Content

250 ml, 750 ml, 5 Ltr

Scope of application

DIP removes all kind of paint daubs, emulsion paint, lacquer and oil col-our from all solvent resistant substrates such as brickwork, wood, glass, carpeted floors, even if they have completely dried. On synthetic and var-nished surfaces the compatibility must be tested at an unobtrusive point.


High-boiling-point-solvents = allow for long reaction periods
No solvent regenerates and therefore, it can be applied on working clothes and carpeted floors
Hardened brushes can be washed out after a short reaction time.

Technical specifications

Make-up ratio: undiluted

Consumption: 100 – 120 ml/m²