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No. 10 Stop – Highly Concentrated Additive for Colours



For the 100 per cent fungicidal equipment of all aqueous coating systems and wallpaper pastes

Additional information

Container Content

100 ml, 5 Ltr

Scope of application

Against fungi and bacteria for a 100 per cent fungicidal equipment of all water-dilutable coating material, for all water-dilutable varnishes, dispersion
paint, facade paint, synthetic resin plasters,etc; and equally as mildew
prevention agent in wallpaper pastes.


Concentrate with fungicidal properties
additive for all aqueous coating systems, wallpaper pastes
convenient for food processing companies
long-term protection against reinfestation

Technical specifications

Make-up ratio: undiluted

Consumption: 100 ml to 10 l colour or to a sachet wallpaper paste